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The National Fire Protection Association Code#96 requires proof of regular exhaust hood cleaning by a Qualified Professional! In the case of a fire, insurance companies can deny a claim for damages due to a fire if you cannot provide this proof. Don’t get burned, literally!
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Click here to enter our weekly drawing for $50 off your next Exhaust Hood Cleaning!

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Call Five Star Safety Clean to clean and inspect your kitchen exhaust system.
Our professionally trained and experienced service technicians use environmentally friendly chemicals to thoroughly clean and inspect your kitchen exhaust system.

We will set up and follow a cleaning schedule that complies with NFPA Code #96 and your local fire codes. We leave behind a clean kitchen and a detailed Service Report that explains what we found, and our recommendations.


“We serve the Entire Front Range”

  • Denver (303) 225-9616
  • Colo Spgs (719) 375-9942
Uniformed Personnel

Our 15 Step Process Guarantee!

  1. Our uniformed Professional technicians arrive early to every job.
  2. We use logo vans equipped with truck-mounted State of the Art equipment.
  3. Exhaust hood is wrapped in thick plastic to avoid creating a mess in the kitchen.
  4. Technicians will go to the roof and shut down fan before any work is performed.
  5. The fans will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any irregularities.
  6. All fan belts, bearings, and motors will be inspected.
  7. All fan blade surfaces, bowls and metal surfaces will be degreased and thoroughly cleaned.
  8. All accessible ductwork, hoods and plenums will be thoroughly cleaned with our exclusive Foaming Agent.
  9. The entire system will then be Hot Steam Cleaned to remove all remaining grease buildup and chemicals down to bare metal, where required.
  10. The entire hood will then be hand polished and coated for protection to minimize future buildup.
  11. Filters and Grease Catchers will be thoroughly cleaned and re-installed.
  12. The entire kitchen will be cleaned to ensure it looks better than when we arrived. It’s our Guarantee!
  13. The entire System will be turned back on and tested for proper exhaust function.
  14. We then apply the “Certificate of Performance” which serves as proof of cleaning to NFPA#96 Codes.
  15. Before/ after photos will be available upon customer request.
Before and after   Our work is proudly recognized by fire marshals, health inspectors, and insurance companies. We pride ourselves on being the most Trusted and Preferred name in the Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning industry! Our quality of work is backed by hundreds of restaurant chains and operators all over the Rocky Mountain Region! We service the entire state of Colorado including, but not limited to; Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Castle Rock, Loveland, Ft. Collins, Canon City, and more.
No job Too Big or Too Small, Give us a Call!